Chris “Daddy” Dave

One of the most innovative drummers today has to be Chris “Daddy” Dave. Similar to the late, great Papa Jo Jones, Dave has abandoned all the clichés of the conventional drum solo in favor of an unorthodox approach. In doing so he has created an element of excitement and anticipation that connects with the audience. You simply have no idea what he is going to do next. To the untrained eye Dave may appear sloppy or even amateur but if you understand the drums you will no doubt understand his genius. His chops are without question but his creativity in using those chops begs for our respect. Here are some things to recognize when watching Dave play:  1) his drum setup featuring five snares, no toms and broken cymbals, 2) his incredible ability to play extremely fast 16th notes with his right hand and his right foot, his ever-changing groove that seamlessly moves between a jazz and funk feel and 3) his casual posture that makes everything look easy. Whether he is performing with The Drumhedz, Robert Glasper, or the Chris Dave Trio, Chris Dave’s playing screams of originality and experimentation. It is exactly what the spirit of this blog is about (*see About this Blog). For more information on this inventive player, visit his website at


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