Skarlette Saramore


Welcome to the inaugural installment of Off Beat’s “You Oughta’ Know.” Each month I hope to showcase noteworthy drummers who you haven’t heard of, but need to. Our first drummer comes to us all the way from ‘down under’ and has made a name for herself due to her talent, attitude and diversity. Drummer, DJ, model, activist, these are just some of the names that describe Australia’s Skarlette Saramore. Currently tearing it up with her bands Fait Accompli and She Rex, Skarlette is proving that there’s nothing wrong with “hitting like a girl.” In fact she is shattering the glass ceiling.

According to the Fait Accompli website, “There’s never a dull moment when you are around Skarlett. Try songwriting with her, music is her drug man; she has ideas, scenarios and more ideas coming at you like a freight train being driven by a mad scientist. You can see her eyes rolling back and her brain ticking with excitement, it’s actually dangerous and hilarious…”

An avid user of social media, Skarlette’s presence on the web, especially YouTube, features a variety of performances both solo and accompaniment. One only has to watch a single video to get a clear understanding of her passion and chops. With a style that’s a cross between alternative, hip-hop and punk, Skarlett routinely abuses her kit, first by beating the shit out of it and often tossing pieces into the audience. Her stage presence is infectious and clearly she has a connection with her audience.

For more information on Skarlett visit her online at:

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One response to “Skarlette Saramore

  1. jeffreydahn

    No doubt that Skar is a wizard on the skins. Besides that, she is a hell of a fine person!

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