Phil Rudd: Top 10


Today I want to talk about my favorite drummer of all-time, AC/DC’s Phil Rudd. My draw to him is based on two things: 1) his groove is second to none and 2) his brilliant sense of simplicity. In other words my fondness for Phil is not always based on what he plays, but what he doesn’t play. No one serves the song better. A few months back I posted what turned out to be a controversial homespun video on YouTube titled “Phil Rudd: Master of Minimalism.” Currently it’s up to 60,000+ hits and is the most viewed video on my channel. When I posted it I had no idea it would be both popular and hated. (If so I would have done something more formal.) Rather than rehash that commentary you can watch it here: Today I want to share what I consider to be “Phil Rudd’s Top 10 Performances (*10 to 1)” Remember this isn’t about complexity or “gospel chops” it’s all about taste and timekeeping. Notice how every groove fits the song.

(Honorable mentions: Every other song off Back in Black and For Those About to Rock) Now I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Phil’s recent legal issues and hiatus from the band. I certainly hope he is able to work things out and return. No disrespect to Chris Slade, but nobody can push AC/DC like the original.

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