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I know this is my third Gene Krupa post this month (See and but I can’t help acknowledge the vast legacy he left behind. 

Today (instead of posting a Friday drum solo) I want to briefly talk about one of the best Gene Krupa compilation albums of all-time, “Gene Krupa and His Orchestra.” By 1938 Krupa had left the drummer’s chair in Benny Goodman’s group and formed the Gene Krupa Orchestra featuring trumpeter Roy Eldrige and singer Anita O’Day. This album was released some time later in 1947 and highlights the brilliant playing of Krupa and an excellent backing orchestra. Krupa himself was once quoted saying “Yes, I’ve had some pretty good luck finding wonderful talent.” The tracks include: Tuxedo Junction, Boogie Blues, Drum Boogie, Leave Us Leap, Let Me Off Uptown, Drummin’ Man, That’s What You Think, and Knock Me A Kiss. These recordings represent some of the best boogies played by Krupa and personify what made him special. Jim Flora’s artwork also stands out and captures the spirit of the record. *An updated CD version was released in 1999 with 24 songs. Listen here:

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