I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss creativity. Creativity is perhaps the most important word in the artistic world. It means no limits. Anything and everything that you can imagine generates from creativity. I’ve posted about unique setups and styles before and now I’d like to get a little more philosophical. Ideas are precious no matter how complicated or how simple they are. Ideas are what built society as we know it today whether it be through language, architecture, invention, or art. Everything was spawned from an original idea. This is very true in drumming. Most drummers have the same “tools” meaning four limbs and a pair of sticks. No matter the size or configuration of their kit or what style of music they play these are constants. It is what they do with them that sets them apart. Creativity and an open mind can generate endless possibilities. Think about your favorite drum parts, fills, rhythms, or musical exercises. These represent someone else’s creativity. Now think of your own perspective. What creative things can you come up with?

Here’s a very simple example of my creativity. I like to shoot drum videos. Unfortunately every one I’ve done so far took place in my practice room which also doubles as a bedroom. No matter how good the video turns out the environment it was shot in is always “blah.” I have a large pool in my backyard which inspired me to move outside. Instead of carrying my kit outdoors I built my own mini kit (above). The 13” bass drum was created by converting a PDP tom, the 10” Pearl popcorn snare is mounted on a music stand, and the GonBops tambourine is doubling as the hi-hat. The grooves I intend to play are completely improved and I am hoping they result in some cool patterns. Here’s a pic of the kit. I will post the video here as an update once it is completed.

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