Fav Fill


Today I want to present a quick analysis of my all-time favorite drum fill. This beauty comes to us from the Simple Minds hit song “Don’t You Forget About Me” and occurs at the 3:42 mark of the album version. Mel Gaynor performs this gem and it has become a fan  favorite among drummers. Here’s a breakdown:

The fill actually starts on the ‘+’ of beat 3 where Mel moves down to the snare drum to play a thirty second note roll (played RRLL). The roll then turns back into single handed sixteenth notes for the whole of beat 4 and beat 1 of the next bar. Mel doubles the left hand that falls on the ‘e’ of beat 1 of bar 2 creating a little offbeat moment of interest. The sixteenth note roll then moves into beat 2 before Mel moves his right hand to the open hi-hat on the ‘+’ of beat 2. The hi-hat closes on beat 3 where the pattern that was played in beat 2 is then repeated again for beat 3. The drum fill ends with a great little roll down the toms and double handed crash stabs. The left hand plays the crash on the ‘a’ of beat 4 while the right hand plays the crash on beat 1 of bar 3. (analysis courtesy of drumstheword.com)


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  1. John "Freaking" Salazar

    Yeah! Iconic song for an iconic movie!! Great stuff!

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