Your Ideas

I’ve been amazed (and grateful) for the increasing number of visitors and views over the last few weeks. It appears that this blog is resonating with the readers and I am just getting started. When I began this blog I intended to use it as a way to keep my writing chops up and share some insights on my passion for the drums. Since then I have blogged about a wide variety of topics relating to the instrument. This includes history, interviews, articles, lessons and philosophy. In an effort to continue this momentum I am asking readers what subjects they would like to see covered. Just leave your suggestions in the comments below and I will use them for future posts.

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  1. John "Freaking" Salazar

    I’m glad you asked…. “Locking in with the bass” was a term I heard frequently as a young drummer, but really never knew what it really meant until I was much older. Could you explain the “locking in” relationship between a band and how it works?


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