Go KO!


I was very fortunate to attend a school district that had a very robust music program. Over the years in middle school and high school I played in the choir band, stage band, symphonic band, percussion ensemble, and marching band. Marching band was definitely my favorite and as I look back fondly I remember all of the amazing musicians that I had the privilege of playing with. The whole band was exceptional and quite large in comparison with other schools. I was the co-captain of the drum line my senior year and I competed at the National Band Festival in Nashville. I was also one of a few selected to play a halftime show with the University of Pittsburgh Panthers drum line. Over the years we, the Keystone Oaks Golden Eagles, performed at dozens of band festivals and parades. I mainly played snare drum (w/ go-go bells) but I also filled in on quads for a couple occasions during my sophomore year. In addition to learning a variety of songs, cadences and marching formations our line also worked very hard on our rudimental chops. We were fortunate to have an excellent percussion instructor. Perhaps the greatest compliment we were ever paid was when we performed in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Pittsburgh and were told we were the “tightest white band.”

Here is a video of one of our halftime performances of “On Broadway.” I apologize in advance for the video quality but this was taken from a 30 year-old VHS tape. Regardless the sound is pretty good.



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