Learning The Moeller

Lately I’ve been challenging myself to take my rudimental playing to the next level. This includes improving my precision and speed. In order to accomplish this I am expanding how I approach rudiments and opening myself up to trying new methods. I primarily use matched grip and go back and forth between German and French grip. Therefore the obvious choice to increase my chops is to use the Moeller Method. In a nut shell the Moeller is a percussive stroke method that combines a variety of techniques with the goal of improving hand speed, power, and control while offering the flexibility to add accented notes at will. The technique uses a specific whipping motion that allows gravity to do most of the work, allowing the drummer to play faster, by staying relaxed. Jim Chapin does an excellent lesson on the Moeller technique that shows the amazing speed and control that can be developed. Here is a study guide that presents simple techniques that can be used to learn the Moeller Method. I have a long way to go but like anything the more you practice the closer you get to achieving your goal.


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