You Never Forget Your First


There is an old adage that goes “You Never Forget Your First.” This quote can have any number of connotations but I’m using it here in regards to drums. Every drummer remembers their first drum kit whether it was an old beater or new. In fact, the vast majority of first kits helped to shape us as a drummer and was often responsible for us sticking with the instrument. I fondly remember my first kit, a brand new immaculate 1980’s-something Pearl Export Series kit. It was white and the sizes were a 22” bass, 12” and 13” rack toms, 16” floor tom and 14” snare. It sounded as good as it looked and I constantly cleaned and polished the chrome. I had six cymbals that were a mix between Paiste and Zildjain. Over the years I moved back and forth between a four and five piece and I used this kit for nine years before selling it (a decision I regret to this day). I would love to hear about your first kit so feel free to comment here…

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