Mark Time March!


Like many of you I participated in a number of music ensembles during my formative years in school. This included the choir band, stage band, symphonic band, choir band, percussion ensemble and my favorite, the marching band. I was fortunate enough to play in a great drum line, for an amazing percussion instructor on top of the line equipment. (My senior year I also had the privilege of being the co-captain and was selected to perform with the University of Pittsburgh drum line as part of their High School Senior Day.) Our cadences were often complimented by other drum lines whether we were performing at a football game, parade, or band festival/competition and our movements and showmanship were always challenging. Our band trips were always memorable as competed in the National Band Festival in Nashville and performed at Walt Disney World. Warm-ups were crucial to our chops and endurance and although they were tedious at times, they definitely improved our playing. I remember most of our cadences in which I played snare and I wish that I had saved the sheet music for them. Sometimes I will sit behind my kit and play marching cadences using the bass drum, hi-hat and snare. There are some great cadences out there for public use and some of them are used by college-level and/or DCI lines. The University of Pittsburgh Marching Panthers have posted downloads of all of their audition material to include cadences, performance pieces, stand beats and warm-ups. They are available at:

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