Praise for FUNdamentals


Example of “kid friendly” drum pattern tabs from book.

It’s one thing to brag about yourself, but it’s much more convincing when others share your praises. Our book ‘FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids’ has already had an impact on the drum instruction industry which was, along with school music programs, a prime focus of the project. To be a best-seller in five countries is very humbling, but it is even more satisfying to see our target audience benefitting from the book and DVD. Like the title says, this book is “for kids” (although adult newcomers to the instrument have also used the book). Here are a few positive reviews we have received:

Here is a pic of my student Jess who is 11 years-old. She’s been working with me, at the drum bunker studios through your book, and is now at the four way independence stage. She’s doing absolutely fantastic with the book and also playing along to tracks like Billy Jean, My Future Husband, and Uptown Funk. She’s a great student. I’m also using exercises from your awesome book for some of my new adult students and it’s been extremely beneficial. Even the adults are asking where do I get the book or download, which I passed on to them. Thanks for bringing out such an incredible book, which personally I think should be in every drum school/facility. – J.L. Jones, Drum Bunker Studios

This book is absolutely a must buy for parents of prospective drum musicians in elementary school. It is thorough with the background of musical beats for percussion (drums) and easy to read for any instructor or parent wanting to guide their young musicians. When finished with this dynamic book, I predict the student will be able to play (jam) to songs and obtain much enjoyment with the connection. I am an elementary school teacher who has drummed since age 12. Now in my 55+ age range, I continue to seek improvement. I sure wish this book was out when I was young. Buy it, you’ll like it! And, it comes with a DVD! Great buy for your money. – D. Hirakawa

Fantastic! 7-year old grandson has a drum set now and was very excited to look at the book as well as – probably more often – watch the DVD. And his non-drummer Dad/Mom/Grandparents can serve as “coaches” by using the lessons in the book [even though we’re not drummers]. It’s laid out really well for facilitating skills that will build on each other in time. I hunted all over looking for something like this and it looks like I found the right thing. Will report back if it fizzles, but my money’s on this resource. – D. Lee

I got this book from Rich at PASIC at the Hal Blaine booth. This book is just what the doctor ordered for a beginning drummer. I especially liked the playing grids in the book. This is definitely a starter book for teachers and student alike. I wish this book would have been out when I had beginning student. It is very easy to understand and goes from grip to playing utilizing all for limbs and some music theory. One great teaching book for beginning drummers. – R.G. Mertz

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Here’s a Bonus Lesson showing ‘FUNdamentals of Drumming for Kids’ in action. (This exercise uses lessons from the book and is included on the DVD):

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