1812 Snare Drum


Work order for a snare drum from Feb. 4, 1812
Reproduced at the National Archives
Courtesy of Modern Drummer (Click image for full-size)

Dimension of drum as furnished
for the use of the United States [illegible]

Diameter of the shell from 15 3/4 to 16 inches made of
white oak with 7 in lap, 79 [illegible] nails
depth from 14 1/2 to 15 inches, about 1/8 in thick

Brass hoops 1 3/4 in [illegible] in thick made of hickory
Rounded on the top, flush hoops 1 7/8 in wide and full
1/4 in thick made of hickory.

Inside hoops 1/4 in wide full 1/4 in thick

Batter head calfskin, Snare head sheep skin
Snares made of sheeps gut will finish
Cord 11 1/4 yds long – [illegible]
10 Braces 6 1/2 in long, 1 7/8 wide,
Drum carriage 1 1/4 yds white [illegible]
12 1/2 in wide finish with leather + button

Drum sticks 18 in long of heavy west India wood,
[illegible] bases made to draw with a small cord of
emp or flax

Brass hoops painted with the best vermillion and
he shell varnish with the best [illegible] varnish

The Eagle painted in the best manner on a blue
ground to with thirteen stars and + thirteen stripes
to ground to extend 22 inches round the shell

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