Nashville Sampling Goodwin Black Kit

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The Nashville Sampling Company has just released their latest sampling package featuring our friend Garrett Goodwin, drummer for Carrie Underwood. You may recall the feature I wrote on Garrett for Drumhead Magazine (Read: “One of a Kind”). Garrett is one of the best in the business. He has a great sense of groove and a totally original style (especially his set-up). Garrett lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He has played for over 1 million people for each tour he’s been on and was named the #1 “Up and Coming Drummer” in Modern Drummer Magazine. Garrett also offers one-on-one lessons in person and via Skype. Here’s an outline of Garrett’s new sampling package:

  • DW Maple drum set tracked by Garrett Goodwin in a 60,000 square-foot warehouse.
  • Deep sampled kicks (with and without tambourines), snares (on and off), toms (sticks, mallets), 5 hi-hat levels of openness (5 RR x 5 dynamics), and cymbals.
  • All instruments recorded through 3 microphone positions with the option of “warehouse” samples and “studio” samples to fit all production needs. Microphone positions phase-checked to ensure no loss of low end.
  • Pre-mixed channel contains samples all run through high-end outboard compressors, including API 2500, Urei-1176, and Teletronix LA2A.
  • All drums in our demos were mixed entirely in Goodwin Black Kit, and no reverbs were ever added.

About the recording room: The warehouse has an extremely unique timbre: shimmery and unearthly, a true acoustic replication of a Lexicon or Bricasti hardware unit. With a natural reverb decay of -4-5 seconds, this drum kit finds its place somewhere in between the huge tracks Garrett plays on the road with Carrie Underwood to the epic drums required in film and trailer cues. Developed for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (Out Now). *Kontakt Player 5 version coming this August.

If you want that monster sound you’ve  been looking for check out this amazing package. Visit:


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