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There is an old adage that goes “Those who can – do, those who can’t – teach”. Never before has a saying been so wrong. Teachers, in any capacity, are custodians of wisdom, experience and insights. Many musicians rely on their instructors or mentors to teach them how to play and create on their instrument. From school music programs to private lessons teaching is fundamental to learning one’s craft. With the establishment of the Internet, students are no longer slave to their immediate location. Schools, whether institutes or universities, can now teach countless students located thousands of miles away from their campus. As with any instrument, many students cannot study with an actual teacher due to their remote location or limited income. For them the Internet provides the perfect solution.

One training porthole that is changing the way drummers learn is the award-winning website drumeo. Their slogan “Learn Anything on the Drums with the World’s Best Teachers” speaks the truth. Co-founded by Jared Falk, voted the best drum educator in 2016 by Rhythm magazine, drumeo provides a wealth of information. Posting live or on-demand lessons using any internet-ready computer, tablet, or smartphone, drumeo offers more than 80 world-class educators for beginner, intermediate and advanced students for every technique, style and topic. This includes 70 step-by-step courses and 1200 topic-specific video lessons.

drumeo is set-up to exploit technology incorporating video, chat rooms, electronic sheet music and name-brand guest instructors. The website also offers a collection of stand-alone video products covering a wide variety of topics. “Successful Drumming” offers 18 hours of meticulously organized step-by-step video lessons and 15 unique play-along songs. “The Drumming System” features 20 modules, 100+ songs, and 5 instructional workbooks. “The Cobus Method” is inspired by the unorthodox style of learning of YouTube phenom Cobus Potgieter. “Maximum Metal” contains step-by-step lessons from Meytal Cohen to establish a foundation, master essential techniques and improve creativity.

Working out of a charming location in Abbotsford, BC, Canada drumeo is run like a family business. Jared Falk explained his vision for the company and website: “Drumeo has really changed the way drummers learn to play drums, and we’re very happy that so many people have let us into their practice room and allowed us to help them take their drumming to the next level. We’ve built some incredible life-long relationships and can’t wait to meet all the future students.”

Students from all over the world have testified to the effectiveness of the drumeo curriculum. Many are motivated to take their skills outside the practice room and onto the stage or into the studio. Many others find satisfaction simply playing for themselves. Either way, drumeo students feel an immediate benefit from using the website. drumeo’s many awards also affirm their quality. Voted as the “Best Educational Website” in the 2014 and 2015 Drummie Awards, drumeo clearly offers a one-of-a-kind experience. They are so confident that drumeo members can get a full 90-day 100% money back guarantee. This allows members to try it risk-free for three full months. No other website I am aware of offers that length of testing time.

Whether you are a beginner or master, drumeo offers something for everyone.

Visit drumeo online: https://www.drumeo.com/.
View videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/freedrumlessons.

Here’s a sample video featuring my friend and co-author Rich Redmond:

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