img_0446I am very fortunate to be an artist endorsee for several products. One that has had a major impact on my sound is Drumtacs. Unlike other products such as moon gels and mutes, Drumtacs are consistent, reusable and aestetically pleasing. I was turned on to Drumtacs by my friend and co-author Rich Redmond who uses them on the road and in the studio. The Drumtacs family features a long list of highly successful and respected players and it is an honor to be counted among them. The mission statement of Drumtacs is “Assume Control” and they definitely live up to that claim. Unlike other dampeners on the market Drumtacs work on cymbals just as effectively as they do on drums. I use them both on my snare and toms and my kit has never sounded better. Ultimately Drumtacs enable users to control the ring of their drums without losing the tonal quality. For more information, visit http://www.drumtacs.com.

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