The Return of Steve Smith


Steve Smith has been killing it on tour with JOURNEY. It seems like every week a new and distinctive drum solo is being posted online. Not only is Steve picking up right where he left off, he’s playing with a renewed vigor. In an interview published prior to the tour he stated: “My hope is that JOURNEY fans will appreciate a new lineup similar to the ‘Escape’ and ‘Frontiers’ era — and will want to revisit this timeless music with me. By bringing my musical experience to the table along with the years that the members of JOURNEY have spent touring, I’m sure this new incarnation of JOURNEY will develop its own special magic. It’s going to be amazing. I look forward to seeing all the fans on the road!”

If you’re familiar with Steve’s previous solos you may remember that his approach featured a beginning, middle and end. Usually he would start off simple before breaking free to show off chops that did not lend themselves to the standard JOURNEY song. His new solos pay homage to those days but are a blend of familiar and fresh material. Steve has also created a hybrid kit that is a cross between the setup he used for JOURNEY and the one he uses for Vital Information.

Perhaps my biggest thrill as a writer took place when I interviewed Steve via Skype for Drumhead magazine. It was surreal to converse with someone you idolize from the comfort of their couch (Read here). His praise for the finished article (“This is fantastic! Thanks for a great job.”) is something I still cherish. If you’re on Facebook you can access Steve’s latest videos on his Facebook page. You can also find up-to-date touring and clinic information at Steve’s official website.


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