I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. His incredible music and the impact that it had on the world goes without question. In order to pull off his music live, Michael required an extremely talented band. One of the mainstays of his backing group tour after tour was an amazing drummer named Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett. With the universal ability to perform the most complicated music or the most infectious groove Moffett laid down a solid foundation that highlighted Jackson’s singing and dancing.

Sitting behind a massive kit Moffett performed in concert on twenty-three major tours. After joining The Jacksons Moffett took part in the Destiny Tour (1978-1979) and the Triumph Tour (1981). Upon recording drums for The Jackson’s Victory (1984) album, Moffett went on to perform in the Victory Tour (1984) alongside both The Jacksons and Michael Jackson, who was promoting his 1982 hit-record Thriller. Moffett would later reunite with Michael for his HISstory World Tour (1996-1997) and This Is It (2009-2010). Often returning to the Jackson Family Moffett also toured with Michael’s brother Jermaine and sister Janet.

According to his bio: …in the spring of 2009, on a personal request from his friend, brother in heart and inspiration, “King of Pop”, no “King of Music”, Michael Jackson called for his comeback tour, “This is It”. Unfortunately, sometimes the best-laid plans don’t compare to God’s plan. For he decided that Michaels presence was desired more in Heaven than on Earth. So now, heaven will witness, the greatest show it has in a long, long time. So through that turn of events, we are left with the greatest memories in music and entertainment history. Jonathan is left with starring in one of the greatest music film documentaries in the history of filming and theatrical releases. The motion picture film, “This is It”! This is one of Jonathan’s proudest moments, being associated with music history and the greatest entertainer that has ever lived, Michael Jackson. In 2011, Jonathan was asked along with the some of Michael’s original band members to join and perform in the Cirque du Soliel’ Michael Jackson “Immortal” World Tour, which is scheduled to run through the end of 2013 or longer.

For more on “Sugarfoot” visit his official website at: http://www.jonathan-moffett.com/home/.

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