Gospel of Steve Goold

[Originally published in Drumhead magazine] Steve Goold is a VERY busy guy. When not on tour playing drums for the immensely popular Owl City or Sarah Bareilles, he can be found teaching students as part of the music faculty at Bethel University and Northwestern College; or cutting tracks at the studio with some of the Twin Cities’ most popular producers and songwriters; or doing commercial work with corporate clients including General Mills; or performing with Grammy-nominated songwriter Joel Hanson and the Jason Harms Quintet; or serving as the drummer in local mega-church worship bands; or acting as the musical director for the children’s entertainment vocal trio Go Fish; or hosting large drum clinics such as the “Drum Set For The Kingdom”; or filming instructional videos for Risen Drums; or rehearsing in support of the 250+ gigs that he manages to pull off each year. In addition to all of that, Steve Goold is also a family man and an active blogger. After reading through such a demanding schedule (which, by the way, was paraphrased), one might think that this is a musician who has no time to practice, nor any desire to do so. However, the opposite is true in the case of Steve Goold, who is constantly working on developing his own technique while making a concerted effort to share his newfound knowledge with others. A devout Christian, Goold has also found a way to be successful in both the Christian and secular markets. This has enabled him to build a purposeful career as an entertainer and an educator, two roles that he relishes. Read entire article

Here’s Steve on Drumeo playing one of the most interesting accompanying drum parts I have seen in a long time:


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