Jay Osmond

img_0562Every once in a while I like to give drummers who don’t get a lot of credit their due. You may recall the post I did on Beach Boy Dennis Wilson a while back. Today, I want to present a brief look at The Osmond Family drummer Jay Osmond. Jay has been playing the drums since the age of two and was voted one of the top drummers of the country in the 1970’s. Even John Bonham respected Jay’s playing and took his son Jason to see and meet the Osmonds. Along with Bonham, Osmond was one of the first drummers to embrace the Ludwig Vistalites. In addition to drums, he sang lead vocals on the group’s hit Crazy Horses, a hard rock song that fit Jay’s voice better than the family’s usual lead singers. When the Osmond Brothers act began to die down after Donny’s solo career sparked, Jay also participated on the Donny and Marie Variety Hour as the show’s musical director and dance choreographer. Fifty years, 30 gold albums, and 77 million records later, Osmond opened up about his personal life and longstanding career in his biography titled “Stages.” In it he presents his experiences behind and in front of the drum set. You can visit Jay’s official webpage at: http://www.jayosmond.com/ . Here’s some footage of Osmond performing with his family:


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5 responses to “Jay Osmond

  1. Tom Roach

    Nice article. There is no doubt that Jay and all of The OSMOND BROTHERS have never received the respect they deserve. Those who knock them just show how little they actually know about THE OSMONDS and their music abilities. The actual record sales is now over 100 MILLION and 60 Gold & Platinum Record Awards.

    Tom Roach – Host of THE OSMOND HOUR – WBNR-DB heard OnLine on myBNR.com


  3. Laura R

    One of the top talented drummers EVER!!

  4. Judy Taylor

    Jay is an incredible drummer as well as a great person! His kindness and respect for people are amazing!!! Crazy Horses rocks on!!!

  5. Lizzy

    One of the best drummers not only in 1970.
    Would have been nice to show one of his drumsolos, but you can listen to that on youtube as well.
    Spectacular , talented and a genuine sweet guy too.

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