Justice for Abbruzzese


Today’s post is more of a brief rant…

It was announced yesterday that Pearl Jam is to be entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is a complete travesty to find out that David Abbruzzese has been left off of the list of PJ players being inducted. David was the touring and recording drummer during the band’s seminal years (1991-1993). His work included the Ten tour as well as the Vs., Vitalogy, and Unplugged albums. It is no secret that a conflict between David and other members of the band led to his dismissal but regardless one cannot overlook the contribution he made to the band as a musician and songwriter. I have always been impressed with his power and finesse as a player. His performance on MTV’s Unplugged is still one of my favorites. (I have been in contact with David and will be interviewing him in the near future. Our interview will focus specifically on drums and drumming.)

Reacting to the snub from the HOF and his former bandmates,  David has stated “The members of Pearl Jam have got to know what’s the right thing to do. They can’t justify ignoring my contributions. Like me or not. If there is still a part of that band that remembers how hard we worked, how much blood and how much sweat … They will do the right thing. It’s just a fine opportunity to see what Pearl Jam has to say in response. Let’s see if they do the right thing. It’ll be interesting to see the spin that is put on it. That band and its management have never been ones to shy away when an injustice is done. Let’s see if they still have the courage to fight the good fight!”

If this continues and the band ignores David, I call upon all of you to protest this absurd decision by refraining from purchasing any further Pearl Jam music or tickets. It may be a small gesture but it is a gesture nevertheless. Let’s abandon the band like they’ve abandoned David. This is quite unfortunate as PJ has provided so much good music to reflect on but their refusal to seek justice on David’s account is extremely disappointing. There is an online petition you can sign on David’s behalf. Of course if Pearl Jam has a change of heart and does find a way to include David in their induction I will recant my post.

You can follow David on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/david.abbruzzese


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