Redmond Product Review

Today I would like to share the first product review post of the year. As a matter of fact, this will be a review of two-related products both courtesy of my friend and co-author Rich Redmond.


The first is Promark’s Active-Grip 595 Signature Rich Redmond model. The stats for this stick are as follows: Hickory wood, black and red finish, length: 16”, diameter: 0.595”, a short taper with a wooden oval bead. I would compare them to a slightly modified 5B which Rich has used for years. What makes these sticks special is the fact that the Active-Grip coating gets tackier as temperatures rise. This is most beneficial to players who perspire a lot while they play. I tested the sticks while playing over a period of time and the distinct tackiness the stick claims to produce does in fact, do so. As the stick features both a solid grip and sustained power I would highly recommend them as they live up to their reputation.

“My signature sticks are the perfect all around drum set for any style of music, the crossroads of durability and versatility.” – Rich Redmond

products965580-1200x1200-2886520The second product comes from DW, the Rich Redmond Black Sheep Beater. According to its product listing the black-stained maple beater offers punch and attack, and includes a black wool elastic cover that delivers a soft thump for open bass drum tunings. What makes this beater special is that the soft cover slips on and off in seconds essentially providing the player with two distinct beaters. I tested the beater on a Remo pinstripe bass drum head with minimal tightening and the response for both configurations was exceptional. What impressed me the most was that I no longer had to swap out an entire beater which adds an additional effort. If you are looking for a unique beater that saves both time and money look no further.

You can achieve in your face attack and subtle smoothness with the same beater. It is both convenient and cost-effective.” – Rich Redmond

Both products are available online and in stores. You can also order them directly at Rich’s website:

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