Today I was scrolling through a public drummer page on Facebook. There are a lot of them and they are a great way to share insights and ideas with other drummers. One of the questions I came upon was “How do you market yourself as a drummer?” This is a great question and one that is far too overlooked by those trying to break into the business. I have a degree in Visual Communications and have done marketing for many of my products and projects. This has resulted in numerous clients, multiple endorsements, networking opportunities and professional relationships. In today’s world of mass information, one must make an effort to stand out and be memorable. Here are a few suggestions that can help get you noticed. (I have linked them to mine for examples.)

  • MEDIA KIT: Develop a media kit that presents your experiences and talents. Think of it as a dynamic resume. I recommend creating something that is pleasing to the eye and saved as a PDF file so it can be viewed and downloaded on any computer operating system. These can also be emailed easily.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Exploit social media using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Create a separate Facebook page from your personal one that can be used to post a wide variety of media. Use Instagram to post photos of your gear and/or gigs and upload videos of you playing to a YouTube channel.
  • WEB/BLOG: Maintain a website or blog. This requires the most effort but can be a great way to foster relationships with other drummers. It can also be a great way to pursue endorsements. Note: The site and/or blog must be current and appear professional. First impressions matter.
  • NETWORKING: Make an effort to network with as many people as you can. This includes other musicians, producers, journalists and establishment owners. Shaking hands and looking people in the eye is a must. Engage each person with the same consideration and make it about them so you can make it about you.
  • “LEAVE BEHINDS”: These include business cards and one-sheets. They are tricky and should be used sparingly. Do not hand them out during inappropriate situations as you do not want to come off as a salesman. Save them. Sometimes there will be a mutual exchange of business cards between you and another individual. One-sheets can be dropped off at appropriate locations. Many times they will end up in the trash but the odds can be in your favor.

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