From History to the Canvas


One of my favorite painters is Jeff Trexler. I became aware of his work when he completed a painting that captured a moment in time, parallel to a Civil War documentary I was producing (see me: The Angel of Marye’s Heights). As one who was very familiar with the backstory it was the attention to detail that caught my attention. As I dug deeper into Jeff’s work I continued to see the skill set of someone that had an acute talent for composition and the ability to tell a story.

According to Jeff’s website he developed a passion for painting and illustration at a young age. He later became a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he honed his craft. Over the years Jeff has combined a love of history and art into a successful business. His paintings and private commissions continue to push him to a higher level as an artist. Jeff continues to impress me and I anticipate each new painting.

Several paintings of note to this blog are his representations of Civil War drummer boys, a subject that frequently appears here (do a search for “Drummer Boys” for past posts). You will note the attention to detail from the boys-to the sticks-to the drums themselves. I asked Jeff to tell us a little about these paintings:

“Musicians in the American Civil war helped inspire the men as they marched off to battle. The faces of these brave young men spoke to me when researching their images. To have such courage at such a young age is inspiring to me. I strive to capture that in my work.”

For those interested in exploring and purchasing Jeff Trexler’s work, you can visit him online at:


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