Reflection and Request


Since March of 2015 I have worked hard at providing interesting and useful content for my readers. This has included historical, technical, instructional and educational posts. I have interviewed all kinds of drummers, reviewed drum gear and books, taught drum history, shared drum videos and offered perspective based upon my experiences as a drummer and writer. All along I have continued to be impressed by the connection that is made between blogger and reader.

Through emails and comments I can get immediate feedback on what is working and what needs work. Perhaps that is why I prefer online publishing to print. I love writing for drum magazines but traditional publishing has disconnect between the writer and reader. To hold the attention of anyone and keep them coming back for more requires effort. As a blogger I post things that not only interest me, but also the reader. This keeps a two-way street between the two.

When I interview someone I initiate the interview because the interviewee interests me, but I write the resulting post to appeal to the reader. It is my goal to inspire them to gain an interest in the person. When I post a historical piece, it is my goal to inspire the reader to do their own research. So for me, the post is not the ending to a thought, but the start of something new for someone else to explore. That is my continuing goal, to provoke thought.

In keeping with the “two-way street” that is Off Beat, I invite you to submit ideas for what you want to see next. Let me know what direction you would like me to go. Post your thoughts in the Comments below or email them directly to me at You have a direct influence on what comes next.

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