Go Around the Kit

13230102_10209957134024513_1041871118958202889_nLast week I announced a new partnership between Off Beat and Around the Kit, a weekly online talk show on Drum Talk Radio. Hosted by Joe Gansas, Around the Kit has conducted interviews with nearly 200 drummers (to date). The list of guests is astounding to include drummers from A-Z (Dave Abbruzzese to Bill Zildjian) and everyone in between. One of the features that sets Around the Kit above other drum talk shows is the attention to detail and originality of the questions. Joe does a tremendous amount of research prior to each show in order to gain insights and perspectives that go beyond the usual battery of questions. In addition to interviews Around the Kit features other segments such as tributes and round tables. The ability to call in and participate in the show’s dialogue gives listeners a voice too. Joe himself outlines the show’s mission, “Around The Kit is a weekly Drum Talk Radio show, that brings the drumming community together, and has captivated the audience with some of the best drummers in the business!” If you are interested in great interviews -with great drummers-led by a great host, look no further than http://www.aroundthekit.net.

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