A Nameless Ghoul?


I’d like to introduce you to the drummer with “no name.” I am talking about the drummer for the multi-award winning Swedish heavy metal band Ghost. Ghost is known for their eccentric on-stage presence in which five of the group’s six members wear virtually identical, face-concealing costumes. These band members’ true identities are kept anonymous, as their actual names have not been publicly disclosed. All six members of Ghost mimic the Roman Catholic Church but have reversed the image to worship Satan instead of the Holy Trinity. They have stated that the blatant reference to the Devil is merely part of their character’s mystique and they are not satanic followers. The Nameless Ghouls each represent one of the five elements; fire, water, wind, earth and ether and wear their respective alchemical symbol on their instruments. The Nameless Ghoul drummer wears the insignia for earth. In an interview, a Nameless Ghoul said they are influenced by “everything ranging from classic rock to the extreme underground metal bands of the ’80s to film scores to the grandeur of emotional harmonic music.” Another member of the band said the Swedish and Scandinavian black metal movement of the early ‘90s plays a major role in their act, and said that each member has come from a heavy metal background. Band members have changed over the years without the knowledge of their audience. Dave Grohl has been rumored to have performed with Ghost on occasion. For more about this highly unusual and original band visit: http://ghost-official.com/. Here is some video of a Nameless Ghoul drummer performing live:

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