Today I want to talk briefly about triggers. As someone who loves the electronic sounds of the 1980’s triggers have allowed me to replicate a variety of drum kits from that era. There are hundreds of samples that are available nowadays so you can literally program drum kits from any and every era. I have experimented with several of ddrum’s triggers but have settled on their Red Shot system. As I use a smaller kit with smaller sizes (Bass drum: 16″ x 14,” Tom: 10″ x 7,” Floor tom: 13″ x 13,” and a Snare: 14″ x 5.”) the smaller triggers are a better fit. The ddrum Red Shot Trigger Kit is also an affordable alternative to the larger ddrum Trigger series, providing a full complement of triggers that provide a consistent drum sound.

The Red Shot Trigger Kit is a 5-piece set with four snare/tom triggers and one kick trigger. In fact, each trigger features the same type of sensor as ddrum’s Acoustic Trigger series, just with a less robust construction. They are perfectly designed for local and basic touring gigs. You can expect a natural dynamic response across your entire kit, with the ddrum Red Shot Trigger Kit.

I was able to assign samples to my four pieces easily and I programmed multiple kits with 80’s sounds. The triggers do not significantly affect the overall tone of the drums when I am playing them acoustically although it adds some minor tension on the head. Best of all they work with a variety of modules from ddrum and Alesis. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate triggers into your set-up look no further than Red Shots.

Here is a sample of the sounds you can get using these triggers:


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