Drumming in the Modern World

Today I want to introduce you to an amazing product designed specifically for the drummer looking to expand their knowledge and skill set. It’s called “Drumming in the Modern World” and it was developed by Rich Redmond. From his work on the stage and in the studio to his well-attended seminars including “Drummers Weekend” and “CRASH Course For Success,” Rich’s experience is boundless. Twenty-plus years of knowledge resulting in over five hours of instruction provides a complete downloadable course that can be taken anywhere at any time. Sparing no expense these digital videos feature multi-camera angles, high-quality audio and state-of-the-art production.

Drummers can order the complete online course (6 sections), referred to as “The Whole Enchilada” or purchase individual segments separately. These sections include: Rich’s Jewels, Lessons, Song Performances: Jason Aldean HITS, Song Performances and Drum Solos. Lessons include playing with click tracks, building loops, cheat chart creation, the Nashville Number System, overdubbing percussion, money beats, styles (rock, country, pop, Latin, fusion), rudiments, playing in a rhythm section, drum tuning, insights on touring, interviews with industry leaders and much more. There are also free extras available on the product’s website to include videos and sheet music.

Redmond himself sums up the goal of his program: “’Drumming in the Modern World’ contains everything I know about drumming to help navigate your career.” For more information or to order your copy, visit http://drumminginthemodernworld.com/. For more on Rich Redmond visit http://www.richredmond.com/.

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