Musicians and their instruments

Today I want to talk about relationships. That is, the relationship a musician has with their instrument. It has been my experience that most musicians have a personal connection to the tools of their trade. This comes from two things:

First, the extensive amount of time and dedication that a musician spends practicing their craft. Second, the sheer joy they experience as a result of their tireless preparation. Whether a cello player in a symphony or a bass player in a bar band the emotional attachment remains the same.

Personally I have a love affair with my instrument. It’s always there for me. It brings me a sense of fulfillment unlike any other possession in my life.  There are times that I simply sit and stare at it. The distinctive wrap, shiny chrome and cylindrical shapes are striking. I love tuning, polishing and reconfiguring my setup. It keeps things fresh and new. As a drummer it seems ironic that I find pleasure in beating the hell out of an object that I care so dearly about.

Known as the “Father of the Blues” William Christopher Handy summed up the relationship between a musician and his instrument when he said “Setting my mind on a musical instrument was like falling in love. All the world seemed bright and changed.” No matter what the type be it horns, strings, percussion or piano the feelings remain the same, most musicians feel a deep connection to their instruments that is translated into their music.

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