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As my last post was about my own drum set I thought it would be a cool idea to briefly share my all-time favorite drum set. It belongs to Ginger Fish and was used during his time with Marilyn Manson. As you can see the configuration is quite odd. The enormous 40+” bass drum is the stunt centerpiece to this contraption that appears to use floor toms and bass drums as the primary toms. Notice the placement of the cymbals hanging off the bass drum and the center-to-left-hand position of the hi-hats. I believe Ginger is a left-handed player who uses a right-handed kit but I may be wrong. I know he plays open-handed quite a bit. I’m not sure what tour this was used on but I have seen a video of him jumping up and down on it (see below). That’s a testament to the durability of this kit. As Manson was known to throw things at Ginger his drums had to be able to stand up to the abuse. Ginger is a Premier artist but I believe this particular kit was built by a very talented gentleman named Bill Detamore. Bill is currently the owner of Pork Pie Percussion. (I am not sure what company he was with at the time of the build.) Ginger used a lot of set-ups after this one but it remains one of the most original configurations that I am aware of. It’s both impressive in form and function and remains my favorite drum set to this day.

UPDATE: You can see a video of Ginger playing this kit on YouTube: Video 

Photo by Bob Mussell

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