Go-To Snare

Snare drums are the cornerstone of any drum set. You can swap them in and out for a totally different sound and feel. Often drummers collect multiple snare drums to use in the studio and on stage. I have several snares including a ddrum brass signature snare from Carmine Appice and a Ludwig maple snare from Questlove. The snare that I seem to come back to is the matching snare that came with my kit. It is a PDP 13″ x 5″ maple snare. I use a clear REMO Ambassador on the bottom and a coated Emperor on top. I also use a Drumtac to take a slight ring out of it. The drum has a great attack with and without the snares on but also reacts to a softer touch. Sticks and brushes respond well. Over the years I have used many snares. Some were Pearl. Some were Ludwig. Some were large. Some were small. Some were wood. Some were metal. None of them have performed as well as this PDP. Granted I’m not recording or gigging at this time but the sound I am getting in my practice room is exceptional. What is your go-to snare? Send me a comment on why it’s your favorite. Also send a photo and we’ll add it to this post.


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