History Minute #1

Today I had lunch with two of the co-founding editors of the acclaimed Emerging Civil War blog. I regularly submit posts to them on various subjects from the Civil War. One of these included a detailed essay on the Civil War Drummer Boy (a subject that routinely shows up on this blog). Our discussion covered our first introductions to history, when it became important to us, and how we have exploited that interest into books, blogs etc. This conversation got me thinking about my newfound interest in drum history. Following in the footsteps of my friend Daniel Glass, the leading historian on the subject of drums and drum sets, I find myself eager to uncover relatively unknown factoids about the instrument and those who have influenced the evolution of it.

Being a historian requires research. I have over 10 years of research experience under my belt so it will be familiar territory to me. Moving forward I will periodically mix in a historical piece to keep things interesting. I am calling it “History Minute” as it will be a brief post on something forgotten or neglected. My timeline will cover any time and any period in relationship to the drum set. My goal is to introduce readers to something they would not have seen otherwise. First off I would like to share the catalog insert for the 1948 WFL Speed King pedal. One of the most popular pedals of yesterday and today the Ludwig Speed King is considered a classic. For over 70 years the greatest names in drumming, including John Bonham and Buddy Rich, have enjoyed the speed and precision that gives the legendary Ludwig Speed King Single pedal its name.



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