Gone but not forgotten

I was very sorry to get an email this week announcing the closing of Rich Sticks. I have been a Rich Sticks artist for several years and they made the perfect signature stick that fit all of my needs. Fortunately I don’t break many sticks so I have plenty of unused pairs in my bag. I was very proud to be on the same artist roster as Bernard Purdie. The owners and operators, Joshua Mimms and William Fitzpatrick, did all they could to grow their company but it just didn’t work out the way they planned. Like so many small businesses it’s difficult to compete in today’s ever-changing market. The big three stick makers understandably have an advantage but never count out the little guys. Their product can be just as good and their artist relations can be better. I wish Joshua and William the best of luck in their future endeavors and I will continue to proudly display their former company’s logo on my bass drum.


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2 responses to “Gone but not forgotten

  1. I made most of the tooling for Rich Sticks and the machinery and process was mine to begin with for 25 years prior. I now make drumsticks with londondrumstick.company right here in NH Jeff Rich

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