Profile: Chuck Biscuits

If you are into punk and hardcore music of the 1980’s and 90’s chances are you have heard the punk-powered drumming of Chuck Biscuits. Biscuits is a Canadian drummer best known for his work in rock acts such as Danzig, Black Flag, D.O.A., Circle Jerks and Social Distortion. With a resume like that it’s easy to see how Biscuits is a very influential drummer from that genre.

In 1982 Biscuits became a member of the budding band Black Flag, best known for backing their obnoxiously brilliant singer Henry Rollins. Biscuits toured with the band for only five months and recorded the widely bootlegged 1982 demos for the “My War” album.

Following his time in Black Flag Biscuits filled in briefly for the Red Hot Chili Peppers during their Freaky Styley tour. Soon after he was recruited by producer-genius Rick Rubin to become the drummer for Danzig. Biscuits joined Danzig in 1987 and appeared on the band’s first four albums and one EP.

In 1988, Biscuits contributed some drum tracks to Run-DMC’s “Tougher Than Leather” album. In 1990 he also recorded drums for singer Glenn Danzig’s final album with the band Samhain.

In 1996 Biscuits joined Social Distortion between the recording and release of the band’s “White Light, White Heat, White Trash” album. Biscuits is credited on the album’s liner notes, although Deen Castronovo’s playing was featured on the record. Biscuits  went on to play with bands such as The Four Horsemen.

In 2009, Biscuits was the subject of an internet death hoax. A blogger received what he considered to be a legitimate death notice from someone close to the drummer. That individual had been in contact with someone he believed to be Chuck Biscuits prior to this event. The hoax was eventually debunked.

A former art student with a talent for drawing and sculpture Biscuits has pursued the creative outlet of an artist.

Here is a link to a great article on Chuck Biscuits on Modern Drummer’s website.

PS: According to his bio: Biscuits used Pro-Mark DC-10 marching sticks to drum. His drum kit at the beginning of Danzig was a black Premier Resonator, though he switched to a chrome covered 70’s era Ludwig Classic Maple kit for Danzig II, and continued with that kit to record and tour for Danzig III and Danzig IV. Biscuits was usually seen using Zildjian cymbals. His regular ride cymbal sound during his work with Danzig was a Zildjian 22” Earth Ride. Biscuits also favored Paiste RUDE cymbals. He used medium and rock ride cymbals as crashes. Biscuits mainstay snare with Danzig was a Sonor steel model, though he also used a Ludwig Piccolo snare. With D.O.A. and Black Flag, Biscuits used an older blonde maple Ludwig kit. For Social Distortion, Biscuits used a Boom Theory kit, including a Bridgedeck snare built by Al Adinolfi.


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