DVD Review: The Groove is Here

This Christmas Santa brought me a copy of Steve Jordan’s DVD “The Groove Is Here.” I’ve already watched it a few times and I’ll definitely watch it many more. William F. Miller, Editorial Director of Modern Drummer Magazine describes it as follows:

This is the first instructional program by drummer’s drummer and Grammy Award winner Steve Jordan, who offers a fascinating look into how and why he plays. Long awaited by drummers around the world, this DVD includes live performances by Bob Cranshaw, Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar, and Bernie “Dr. Woo” Worrell. It also features commentary from Jackson Browne, Leroy Clouden, Levon Helm, Keith Richards and the late Timothy White, Billboard editor-in-chief. One of the funkiest drummers of all time? Steve Jordan shows he’s all that and more on this excellent DVD, a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the legendary groove-maker.

Steve Jordan has become one of my favorite drummers in recent years. His command of the groove and authority over the pocket is second to none (Watch here). His resume is also extraordinary from his early days as the drummer on Saturday Night Live and the David Letterman Show to his more recent work as the touring drummer with John Mayer. This DVD is mostly made up of performances of Jordan playing with friends and viewers can get a real sense of how to play effective shuffles and backbeats.

Here is a sample of one of the solos on the DVD. As one of the commenters smartly says “What’s so interesting about Steve is that you can hear him playing some of the tightest, most controlled and technical grooves/licks, and then turn around and play the loosest, almost sloppy pocket without falling apart. Takes a hell of an ear and talent to do that.”

By watching how to lay down a solid groove and play with the pocket aspiring drummers are left with priceless knowledge that they can then pursue on their own. My recommendation, Get it!

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