Hi-Hat Fever

When I got my first drum set I was fascinated with the hi-hats. There was something about stepping on the pedal to keep time or to get that chick sound that got my attention. I still consider the hi-hats to be the central part of the drum set. It is the center point of timekeeping and is where all of the flavor comes from. Think about playing sixteenth notes on the hi-hats while opening them on every fourth beat. Now add the bass drum and snare. The hi-hats are the foundation. Some of my favorite drummers have unique approaches to the hi-hats. Phil Rudd of AC/DC includes very heavily accents on the hi-hats on each beat with softer hits in between. Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones uses a technique in which he does not play the hi-hats in unison with the snare drum at all. Every drummer has their own approach to playing the hi-hats. Some favor closed hats while others favor opened. Here’s our hero Steve Jordan demonstrating his Paiste 17″ Sig Steve Jordan Style Hi Hat Cymbals:

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