RIP Vinnie Paul

This week the drum community lost one of their own when the immensely popular Vinnie Paul died unexpectantly at the age of 54. Vinnie was a founding member of the band Pantara, as well as Damageplan and Hellyeah. Vinnie’s tragic death was not the only one in the family as his brother Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed on stage while performing in 2004. Vinnie was on my list of potential interviews for 2018 and I am sad that I will never get that opportunity to speak with him. Being a drum nerd blog, let’s take a different angle for our tribute and look at Paul’s gear. It speaks to what a beast he was behind the kit.

Paul consistently maintained endorsement deals with Sabian cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He previously endorsed Tama, Remo and Pearl drums but he switched to ddrums up until his death. He used Evans drumheads and was also known for using Roland triggered samples during live shows. He used Signature Series: Vinnie Paul (SVP) drumsticks which he played with the butt end. When examining his set-up the large sizes of his drums stand out. The rack toms in particular are huge when compared to more standard sizes. And the snare is particularly deep. Here’s a rundown:

Drums: ddrum Vinnie Paul signature series

  • 24×24 bass drum x2
  • 14×14 tom
  • 15×15 tom
  • 18×18 floor tom
  • 14×8 signature snare drum

Cymbals: Sabian

  • 12″ Ice bell
  • 14″ AAX Metal Hi-Hats
  • 18″ Hand Hammered Rock Crash
  • 20″ AA Chinese
  • 19″ AA Rock Crash
  • 19″ AA Metal-X Crash
  • 22″ Hand Hammered Power Bell Ride
  • 20″ AA Chinese
  • 14″ AA Rock Hi-Hats
  • 20″ AA Metal-X Crash

This drum set is a testament to the sheer power that Vinnie Paul played with behind the kit. His loss is great and is being felt across the drum community and beyond. Fortunately he left behind a great body of music that will continue on as his legacy. Here’s a promo Vinnie did for ddrum that shows his personality and performance:

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