There is no racism in music.

I intentionally keep this blog apolitical and steer clear of controversy. There is enough of that already going on in the world. I do look for opportunities to rise above the arguments that are dominating the public consciousness. It seems that everywhere you turn people are fighting one another over various issues. The subject of racism has become THE hot topic. Blatant displays of racism, as well as questionable accusations of it appear to be in the news every day. Instead of taking the time to talk to one another, people prefer to fight. Therefore, the argument has become the norm. I look at discussions between different races as having an opportunity to share their culture and further one another’s understanding and respect. I have made a point to post about different cultures in order to educate people and hopefully inspire them to explore other cultures on their own. One such post looked at African Drums and Drumming (Read Here). Drumming is an international language and there is so much to share. It would be nice if folks could stop throwing the race card back and forth for a minute and take a look at each other’s uniqueness. Respecting each other’s culture can be a stepping stone toward civility.

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