Speaking Engagement

Back when I was a more active author I did many book signings and speaking engagements. I always sold out of books and I spoke to groups ranging anywhere from 5 to 500 people. I loved giving talks and I really enjoyed those opportunities. Sometimes I miss them very much. (If you are interested, here is a link to a talk I did on George Washington’s mother Mary Ball WATCH HERE) I’ve been out of the game for so long I’ve become irrelevant. I’ve been thinking about how can I incorporate speaking on the blog and the only answer I can come up with is doing a Facebook Live post. I’ve watched others do them. Some were good. Some not-so-good. I’ve decided that if I’m going to do one I need to come up with an interesting topic to present. I also need to garner an audience of a size worthy of the time it will take me to do it. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’m going to research and write something special. Something that I feel folks will be interested in. It will likely be historical. I’ll plan for it to be no more than 10-minutes long. That will save time for interaction. Then I’ll advertise it on Facebook and the Blog far in advance and for a time I think will be convenient for folks to pop in. I believe once it’s done I can save it and link to it on the blog. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Rather than just do a casual chat I want to do something more professional and informative. If it works, I will think about doing another one sometime in the future. For now, I need to scratch this itch. Stay tuned for more info.

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