A Conversation with Sarra Cardile

When I was looking for my first “up-and-coming interviewee” it was hard not to notice Sarra Cardile. Simply put, the girl is everywhere. From her impressive placement in the “Hit Like a Girl Contest” and participation in the “World’s Fastest Drummer Competition” at Summer NAMM, to her ongoing support of the “Breast Cancer Can Stick It Drummathon” Sarra is one busy drummer. Even more impressive is that fact that she has established herself as a highly respected musician at the age of 22. I came to know Sarra through my friend and co-author Rich Redmond who is her mentor. Anyone who watches her videos online can instantly tell that this girl is serious about pursuing her career. Sarra is one of the most active up-and-coming drummers on the scene. I got the opportunity to ask her some questions about how she got to where she is and where she sees herself going in the future.

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  1. Sasikumar Nethaji

    She is a good drummer my best wishes to sarra

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