The Thinking Man’s Drummer

It’s easy for those of us that are “weekend drummers” to get caught up with the day-to-day responsibilities of life that limit our time behind the kit. I’ve neglected my practice time immensely over the last few months. In fact, I’ve spent more time dusting off my cymbals than playing them.

This is not to mean that I haven’t been paying attention to my drumming. Every Friday I look forward to listening to Mike and Mike’s Modern Drummer Podcast. I also spend time watching the guest lectures on Drumeo on a fairly regular basis. I read my monthly issues of Modern Drummer and Drumhead magazines as time permits. Of course blogging here keeps my mind fresh on the subject.

So although I’m not physically playing the drums I’m still immersed in them. You see drums are not just an instrument. They are a way of life. They become an important part of your being even if you can’t play them on a regular basis. Once a drummer always a drummer seems to fit. There is a great children’s book titled “Donald Loves Drumming” by author Nick Bland that I believe personifies what it means to be a drummer. The tagline goes like this:

Donald loves drumming, all day and all night. But his family all say he is too loud. So Donald tries other activities-but nothing seems right.

I’m just like Donald. I love drumming and nothing else feels right. I’ll keep finding time to play and when I can’t I’ll fill that time with other drum-related activities. That will keep my mental chops as sharp as my playing. In fact, it will likely keep them sharper. That mind-set will translate on the kit improving what I do and why I do it.

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