Need for Speed

When I was growing up nobody played faster than Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Nobody. Even fellow thrash drummers had a hard time reproducing the sheer velocity of Lombardo’s hands and feet for an extended period of time. Lombardo’s feet were exceptionally mind-blowing. Drummerworld crowned him “the godfather of double bass” for his unparalleled fast and aggressive style of play. Unlike his predecessors Lombardo actually used both of his bass drums. In an interview with Guitar Center in the spring of 2012 he said: “I don’t like a double pedal because when the beater hits, I immediately come back with the other pedal. And that head is resonating, which creates a momentum that isn’t helpful. It throws me off balance. With two bass drums, I don’t have any problems. It’s just a feel thing.” When playing the double bass, Lombardo uses the ‘heel-up’ technique and places his pedals at an angle. Here’s a video of Lombardo in action showing his rapid-fire hands and feet technique.

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