Snare Spotlight

Our friend Marisa Testa (read interview) has her own signature snare drum out. It was developed by the folks at Queen City Drums. According to their website Marisa decided to build her own snare drum while taking a break on her Summer 2017 Tour backing Corey Feldman. The result was a 5.5×14 with classic beavertail lugs and inverted flange hoops for a vintage styling. Marisa stained the drum herself. According to the website (visit here) while Marisa was staining the drum, the brush started to go dry. As they went to re-dip, she stopped them and let the brush empty on the shell.  Distressed Purple was born. The drum was turned out so well and had such great response Marisa and Queen City partnered to re-create 10 snares with a portion of the proceeds going to the Little Kids Rock Music Education Charity (see here). According to Marisa, “It’s dynamic and versatile! Has a nice low, punchy tone if you want that country style sound, or you can crank it up and it’s great for rock to metal!” She adds, “This drum is great for heavier music.” For more information, visit Marisa online at

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