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Creative Percussion is fast becoming one of the most forward-thinking and innovative drum accessory companies in the business. With a product line that includes a variety of custom designed drum set accoutrements CP has drummers rethinking the possibilities of their sound. Kevin Feeney founded the company and combined his talents as a working drummer, custom cabinet maker, finish carpenter and designer. This mixed bag of skills has enabled Kevin to push the envelope of what is possible in the world of percussion. We were able to get our hands on a couple CP products to review and give our own opinions. They sent us the Twisted Hybrid Rods and the ELITE – Isolation Technology Bass Drum Beater.

Twisted Hybrid Rods

You may have used multi-rods before. A variety of drumstick manufactures produce their own versions, but I would venture to guess that you have never used a pair like Creative Percussion’s. What sets their Rods apart and gives them their hybrid name is the fact that there is a full-size drumstick slid down in the center of the rod. It is then surrounded by the usual twisted dowels. This allows the drummer to produce two types of sounds. By playing lighter the outer dowels produce a soft sound. When playing harder the drumstick center produces a loud sound more like that of a regular drumstick. It gives the player more options than if they were simply using a straight dowel rod or stick. The Twisted Hybrid Rod has a fully glued grip and hand-dipped lacquer finish and a 7A maple, nylon-tipped drumstick wrapped in 17 1/8″ birch dowels. In addition to being an interesting option for live and studio use, Twisted Hybrid Rods can also be used to build up your skill and control. CP also makes five other brands of twist rods.

ELITE – Isolation Technology Bass Drum Beater

There are a million bass drum beaters out there and many of them are gimmicks. CP’s Elite is not a gimmick. Billed as saving the impact on the user’s ankles and knees this beater feels comfortable whether being used fast or slow, buried or not. Simply put, the Elite beater absorbs the vibrations better than your standard beater. When a beater comes in contact with the head the impact sends a vibration down the shaft and into the pedal. It is then absorbed by the foot. Beater balls made of wood and plastic produce more vibration. The Elite has a shock-mounted rubber compound core that absorbs some of the vibrational impact and is said to reduce up to 30% of the vibration felt by standard beaters. The beaters are made with your choice of domestic cherry hardwood with a durable, semi-gloss polyurethane, maple hardwood which is torched and finished with a durable, semi-gloss polyurethane, or poplar with their black, textured “Stealth” finish.

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2 responses to “Get Creative

  1. Aashish Rajkarnikar

    i hope Elite beater doesn’t damage the heads. Once i use the plastic beater, i hit my bass drum hard and heads were dead.🤣 Not elite beater another beater.

  2. The shock-mounted rubber compound core absorbs the vibrational impact and does not appear to have the same damaging impact as a plastic beater.

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