Get Wicked Chops

If you’re familiar with my past reviews and endorsements you know that I don’t fall for gimmicks. I only spend my time testing things that are truly beneficial to the user. Often these items are revolutionary. They can also be so ingenious you wished you had thought of them first. One such item is the innovative WICKED CHOPS™ PRACTICE PAD. Accuracy is a far too neglected aspect of drumming. When we are first starting out our instructors tell us to maintain an even stick height and to consistently strike in the center of the drum. Sometimes they will draw a circle or tape a silver dollar to the drumhead to use as a target.

The WICKED CHOPS™ PRACTICE PAD is a drum pad that is the same size and helps you to master accuracy, dynamics, power, speed and endurance. It does this regardless of the skill level as it forces the user to make contact with a small focused surface. Using the pad is much harder than it looks. I had a ball alternating between doubles and paradiddles at slow and medium tempos. I need more work to get to the fast ones and that’s the whole point. The WICKED CHOPS™ PRACTICE PAD takes time to master. That makes it an exceptional training tool. It screws onto the top of a standard cymbal stand for your convenience and you can take it anywhere. If you’re looking to take your practice routine to the next level get yourself a WICKED CHOPS™ PRACTICE PAD. Visit

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