Chris “Daddy” Dave

I’m a huge fan of Chris “Daddy” Dave. His unique and experimental approach to drumming resonates with me. He has inspired me to take chances with my own setups. Often Dave uses snare drums and cracked cymbals exclusively on his drum kit to create a distinct flavor. The speed at which he moves around the kit is astonishing and the grooves that he is able to conjure up are remarkable. I could brag on Dave’s capabilities all day but the best way to show off his prowess is to share his music. The first video is a solo from a show with Dave’s band The Drumhedz at Manchester UK in 2013. Note the originality that Dave uses to propel his solo forward. It sounds as if he’s arbitrarily playing around the kit but if you sit back and listen he is experimenting with different sounds. The second solo is from a drum clinic in Osaka. This one is all improv. Notice the smiles. Dave is really enjoying himself.

Check out Dave’s Official Website

Check out Dave’s Facebook Page

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