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If you’re familiar with Off Beat’s product reviews you’re aware that I’m always looking out for the little guy. Although they are not one of the big three stick companies, Salyers Percussion is anything but a “little guy.” With a complete product line that includes drumsticks, brushes and kendo sticks, keyboard mallets, marching sticks and mallets, timpani mallets, stick bags and prepacks Salyers has something for every style of play. What makes Salyers special is the attention to detail that goes into their product as well as their customer service. The company also has an Educational Team made up of artists and educators that provide multi-layered instruction to its students. Company Founder Dr. Bruce Salyers explained to us what makes his company special:

I knew from the beginning that we had to offer something a notch above the rest in order to be successful in the very competitive stick business. What sets us apart from other brands is our hands on approach. Our sticks are hand rolled for straightness, weight sorted to a tight tolerance by hand using digital scales, then pitch paired using computer software and then double checked once again with human ears before going into the sleeve. In addition to our quality control practices, I believe that our customer service is second to none. We are a small business so when someone needs assistance with something they can call me directly and get the answers they are looking for.

Salyers sent us a sample package of some of their lines for us to review. According to their website all pairs are paired to perfection using both electronic testing and a human touch. (*All sticks were first played on a drum pad for speed and control then on drum set for reaction and durability.)

What struck me initially was how light each pair of sticks felt in my hands.

  • SP-7A Hickory Drumsticks. These sticks are definitely for those with a light touch. Perfect balance and feel for snare drum playing in an orchestral setting.
  • 5BFF Hickory Fulcrum Finder. These sticks feature Salyers innovative “fulcrum finder.” This feature is an engraved thumbprint at the fulcrum point which makes finding the balance point of each stick easier.
  • SP-5A Hickory. Same as the 5BFF without the “fulcrum finder.” Both pairs feature an acorn tip. Both pairs provided a nice response regardless of the finder.
  • SP-5B Hickory. These sticks are for your power hitter. Longer and thicker they swing with authority. They also stand up to more punishment and will likely last longer.
  • SP-2B Hickory. These sticks provided exceptional bounce and accenting on both drums and cymbals. Nice for beginners learning their rudiments. (Not too big or small).
  • PCS1FF Maple Concert Sticks Fulcrum Finder. These sticks also feature the “fulcrum finder.” These round tipped sticks performed exceptionally well on the pad and on the set. Perhaps the best crossover of the bunch.
  • 5AKI Kendo Sticks. This stick is a 5A shaft with a top of bamboo rods. According to the website this allows the user to get a crisp cross stick in addition to the bamboo rod sound. These sticks were much more durable than your usual hot rods or bamboo brushes and performed very well.

After reviewing the Salyers line I can say that they are a skillful manufacturer who produces an exceptional line of drumsticks and kendo rods. In addition, they also produce keyboard mallets and marching sticks. To check out these products and more from Salyers visit

For more information, visit Salyers at:

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