A Rant

It’s not often that I rant on here. In fact, I’m not sure I ever ranted on here before. This time I need to get something off of my chest as it directly affects this blog. Last week I had one of the best interviews of my life. Stan Frazier, the drummer from Sugar Ray and a renowned chef, and I had a great conversation that covered everything from drums to food. Stan’s experiences with drumsticks and culinary knives was extremely interesting. As usual I recorded the discussion on my iPhone using Voice Memo. Apple had recently updated the program to be less user friendly in my opinion but I used it. I usually have two iPhones going but this time I only had one as I had to use the other iPhone on speaker for the call.

When I went to play it back the recording would not play. It showed that it was there and the proper length and file size but it would not play back. I tried everything that I could find online and then I called Apple. They told me, get this…that their engineers were aware of a bug that periodically corrupted Voice Memo files and they were quote “working on it.” What? Then “Why did they release the program?” I asked. “I have no idea.” was all I got back.

I’m an Apple user. I have a Macbook, and an iPhone. My kids have iPods. I am loyal. But this really pisses me off. Thankfully Shane was understanding and we are doing it again using Voice Recorder Pro. We are striving to make the second interview better than the first. This time I will be more cautious. My point is a warning. Be aware that Voice Memo may not always work. Losing files can be catastrophic. There were people on the Message Boards who lost classroom lectures and speeches. I lost an interview. I’m pissed but not ruined. End of rant.

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