Saving the environment

I don’t consider myself a textbook “tree hugger” but I do respect the environment. I worked for a successful environmental consulting firm called Marstel-Day for a short time and it was during that time that I became aware of things like recycling and sustainability. I was so interested in those practices that I co-produced a video about sustainability in the drum manufacturing industry with my co-author and friend Rich Redmond. I also endorsed a drumming product that was made from reused materials.

Our first video below was filmed at The House of Blues studio in Nashville and presents the sustainability efforts of REMO, Pro-Mark, DW and Sabian. The interview is conducted by Rebecca Rubin, founder of Marstel-Day. The second video is an introduction to a product called “Eco-Toms.” This drum is made from 100% recycled materials. Available as a snare or tom configuration the sound is impressive and I highly recommend that you look into the product. No matter if you are a “tree hugger” or not respecting the environment helps everyone and everything.

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